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Data transparency


Cookies are small bits of data that are stored on your computer, which help us and other parties to identify you while browsing our website.

Internal cookie usage

In order to create a fluent shopping experience for you we use a number of different cookies: Session, OpenProfile, GeoLocation, Newsletter.

  • Session (PHPSESSID): This cookie stores an ID, which is used to establish continuity as you surf from one page to the other on our website. Duration: Until browser close.
  • OpenProfile: This cookie stores an encrypted ID that allows us to retrieve some of the information you provide to us for return visits. Duration: 1 year.
  • GeoLocation: This cookie stores your IP address and it's detected country ISO code. Used for localisation. Duration: 30 days.
  • Newsletter: This cookie keeps track you your last open of or click in an Emilea newsletter. Duration: 30 days.

Cookies deployed by external services

We use third party software to facilitate a number of different tasks for our business. These are: Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Adyen, Clickdesk, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus. All these services use cookies to facilitate their services and you may find more details about how they protect your privacy via their respective websites.

Data storage and security

When you create a member profile, make a purchase or interact with our website, we store information about the interaction for future retrieval. We only store insensitive data like your name, email, address and the items you have purchased. By storing the data for you, we make it easier for you to resume a purchase at a later date or checkout using your profile. Your profile is locked with an encrypted password of your choosing.

We do not store sensitive data like credit card information.

Credit card

Our online payment processing is handled by our safe and secure payment provider Adyen. They provide industry strength encryption and security to your online transaction. The entire process is handled by an external system from Adyen, which also means that we do not have any access your credit card information. More info on

Your privacy

Respecting your preferences

We ask for your permission before we send you any commercial communication and we respect your decision to opt-out. All our commercial emails have a clearly indicated unsubscribe option. With the exception of system notifications (see below).

Commercial communication via email

We currently send out a weekly newsletter to our subscribers. On rare occasions we also send out special announcements. You can indicate your preference to receive these publications via your account page.

System notifications via email

An email notification will follow certain interactions with the website, f.ex. if you create a new account, subscribe to the newsletter or make a purchase in the shop. These email notifications cannot be disabled.

Information sharing

We do not share, sell or lend your data to any third party. The data that you choose to share with us as part of a transaction or during the course of your visit on our website is held in confidentiality.

Need more information?

If you need more information about our privacy and security policy then please contact us via email [email protected].

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